Best way to clean your floors

How to clean tile floors in your office?

The best ways to clean ceramic and porcelain tile floors in your office

Tiles are considered the most durable flooring option that can take plenty of use and abuse including moisture and heavy traffic and still look great. What then could possibly go wrong with cleaning them? Actually quite a bit, depending on the type of material they’re made of.  Ceramic and porcelain are easy to maintain. They require regular (preferably daily) brushing or vacuuming to collect debris and crumbs. Every few days such tile floors should be mopped with appropriate detergents.  Of course, if the weather outside is bad and visitors track mud or your place enjoys plenty of traffic, think of more frequent cleaning and occasional scrubbing. As far as grout lines are concerned, it’s best to use mild detergents or steam cleaner and scrub-brush. Self-appointed experts in office cleaning often advise application of peroxide or vinegar but don’t go that way. In the long run, such chemicals are detrimental to the grout.


How to take care of stone floors in your office?

Ceramic and porcelain floors are quite forgiving when it comes to cleaning. On the other hand, natural stone or marble is a different kettle of fish. For one thing, even tumbled varieties tend to scratch if office cleaners aren’t careful. For another, you have to use detergents with neutral pH as anything else may quite literally dissolve the stone. On top of that, if such tiles have been installed in office areas where moisture is a concern (restrooms, kitchens) then you need to apply sealant and polish them on regular basis. However, no matter the type of tiling material, it’s always a smart idea to invest in professional janitorial services. This way you save plenty of time, you’ll otherwise have to spend on mopping and scrubbing. And not only that. Assistance of expert office cleaners, armed with professional knowledge, heavy-duty equipment and appropriate detergents will keep tile floors in top shape.

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