Janitorial services at affordable prizes

What kinds of businesses need janitors?

What’s the difference between office cleaning and janitorial services?

Many business owners consider janitorial services and office cleaning to be one and the same and use both terms interechagbly. However, while not completely different, they still should be considered as separate entities and not only for the sake of cleaning purists. Why so? Office cleaning is exactly what its names indicates – nothing less and nothing more. On the other hand, janitorial services include but aren’t solely limited to the cleaning proper. For one thing, you cleaners are available if not round the clock then at least throughout the day.  They keep designated areas neat accordingly to the schedule but they also take care of common spaces when the need arises. Janitors can tidy any place at moment’s notice, preparing conference room for a meeting, restocking restrooms with supplies or dealing with spilled food or drink.


Who benefits most from janitorial services?

If you choose janitorial services in Palatine IL, you get so much more than cleaning team that is always on duty. Depending on your needs and requirements of the business, you can hire janitors to man a reception, admit visitors to the building, keep parking lot and outside premises tidy, provide handyman services and more. Seeing such comprehensive list, you don’t have to think long, what type of business would benefit from janitorial services. For one thing, it would be large companies, with long operating hours. For another, any place frequented by large number of people on daily basis. It means customers in banks, malls and shopping centers but also students in schools or patients in hospitals and clinics. In some cases, such offer may address needs of apartment buildings with their lobbies and kilometers of corridors and stairs. Even though janitorial services are designed with those types of businesses in mind, they still don’t make a uniform entity. Every company can find combination of tasks that suits them best.

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